Which One Do You Choose? Windows or Mac?

PC with Windows as its Operating System always competes with Mac from Apple. Indeed, each seems to build a community of users. But lately, some parts of applications in Windows can also be used by Mac platform computers. Then which one do you choose between PC and Mac? The difference between a Windows PC and the following Mac may help you.

The Differences between Windows or Mac

To make you more understand about Windows and Mac, we will provide some differences for both of them. These might help you to know which one is better for you.

  1. Apple has a better design than Windows

Because it is produced by only one company, the appearance of Mac products is very well maintained. Apple is very concerned about the appearance of its products. Just look at the design of the Mac iMac, Power Mac, and MacBook series computers. It’s different with a Windows PC that has a variety of designs depending on which vendor is issuing. The best is, for example, Ultrabook from Dell.

  1. Apple products are more expensive

Apple has always been producing computers that cost more than Windows. Even though there are the most expensive Windows PCs, the price remains below Apple’s products. The most expensive, for example, from Apple products, is the MacBook Pro with Retina Display which is priced at $ 2200.

  1. More variety of software in Windows

Even though applications on Mac have started to match Windows, Windows still excels in the choice of applications. The most striking thing is about the games that most Windows have. There are more free applications for Windows too. This is so different with Mac where you have to pay more.

  1. Windows is more reliable for playing games

This is a great news for games.  In this case, the Mac can’t compete with the Windows. It is because Windows computers are mostly easier to modify. So, users can adjust RAM requirements and upgrade VGA to play heavy games. It’s different with Macs that aren’t easily modified or upgraded. To be able to play games using a Mac that has reliable specifications, the user must pay more expensive.

  1. There are many hardware options for Windows

More Windows OS users can even assemble a PC according to their needs. It is because there are many manufacturers that produce Windows PC. This is clearly different from Macs that are only produced by Apple.

  1. Mac is safer

Mac users are fewer than Windows PCs. That is why most hacking victims are from the Windows users. Viruses also attack Windows computers more. Even so, it does not mean that Mac is 100% safe. Because lately, Mac computers have not escaped malware attacks. But still, Mac is safer when it comes to threats.

  1. Mac can run Windows OS

One of the advantages of Mac is that it can run the Windows OS through a virtual machine or directly in the system. This is because Mac has Boot Camp as a program that allows users to install Windows on Mac computers. Even you as a Mac user can share certain hard disk space for Windows and Mac if both are run together on one computer.

The Advantages of Windows Operating Systems

There are some things to consider about Windows OS. Below are the advantages of Windows PC that might help you to choose the one that is better for you.

  1. Easy Installation

Compared to Mac, Windows installation is quite easy and easy to understand even by ordinary people

  1. It has many apps and features

Windows is equipped with a variety of features and applications that vary in large numbers. So that it can meet the needs of each user. The Windows operating system is compatible with many applications and features outside of the device itself. So that the user can freely enter whatever application is needed.

  1. User-friendly

User-friendly means that Windows operating system is easy to use or run for various groups

  1. Easy to Repair and Develop

The good thing about this operating system is that Windows is quite easy to repair because there is a lot of support from the developer. So this makes it easier for programmers to understand and correct existing problems

  1. Supports many partition systems

Partition systems supported by Microsoft Windows are also quite a lot. This allows users to use any partition format systems that are commonly used in Microsoft Windows operating systems

The Advantages of Mac

After you know the advantages of Windows OS, below are the advantages of Mac that you can consider.

  1. Time Machine feature

There is a Time Machine feature on Mac that is useful for backing up the system as well as changes to data that occur automatically.

  1. Great security system.

Mac has a very good security system which is difficult to attack by malware, virus, and spyware. Hacker would also face a difficult time when they want to hack Mac since the security system is really great. Open source code on Mac OS turns out to be difficult to hack.

  1. More stable

Since Mac uses UNIX, the computer will be more stable. The computer will still stable even when you do multitasking which is running multiple applications at once.

  1. Great backup systems

Mac has the ability to backup systems that are running automatically and changes that occur in the data.

  1. User-friendly

Mac OS is easy to use and also easy to learn. It also has a guarantee of clear hardware support