What Is Bluestacks And Why Many People Like It

What Is Bluestacks

Technology keeps on developing from time to time, making anything possible. In the old days, most people used computers/laptops to work. However, as time passed, mobile phones became advanced, having the capability of a computer. Therefore, many people started to use mobile phones rather than their computers/ laptops at home. Nowadays, people are coming back to computers because they can access their mobile phone system using Bluestacks. So, many of you must be asking what is Bluestacks App Player and why is it so popular these days?

Bluestacks is a company in the US that created the Bluestacks App Player that can be installed on a computer. With this app, people can download and run almost all the Android apps that you have on your mobile phone. The app will also synchronize to your Google Account after you log in. However, to learn more about what is Bluestacks App Player and the benefits of it, read down:

What Is Bluestacks

1. Run Android Apps on PC

As informed before, users can run almost any kind of app using the computer. And this is one of the reasons why people love the app so much. With this app, users can play games they usually play on their phones. They can also get a better picture of the game and easily play it with the PC.

2. App to Transfer Data

To access the Android System, people must first log in to their Google Account in the Bluestacks App Player. Once you have logged in, the account will synchronize with the app, therefore you can start accessing it. Therefore, this app is very helpful for those who need to transfer data without a cable.

3. App Available in Windows & Mac

Windows & Mac

What is Bluestacks App Player and how functional is it? Well, whether your computer is using Windows or IOS, they can all use the Bluestacks App Player. Since a few years ago, Bluestack released a version for IOS, therefore people using Mac can also use it. So, even if you are using a Mac, you can open your Android system with the laptop/ computer.

4. Safe & Free to Use

One of the benefits of the apps is it is easy to use and best of all it is free. For those who want to download the app just needs to type in the search bow and download it. Many links offer the app, so you want to find any difficulty in looking for the app. And don’t worry the app is safe to use as long as people don’t know your Google account. So, don’t keep asking is Bluestacks safe to others, because yes it is safe.

5. What is New in the App

After knowing the use of the app, many people have been installing it on their computers. People can also update their app with the most updated version to enjoy the features. The newest Bluestack is the Bluestack version 4 where it is better in many ways.

So, after knowing what is Bluestacks App Player and the function, no wonder many people love the app. With the app, people can use their Android system on their mobile phone or on their computer. Now, feel the new features of Bluestack by downloading the newest version 4 online.