Things To Noticed About Eggs While Buy It


Eggs are easy to buy anywhere. It also cheap so all people want to eat it. How long do eggs last is also one of the reasons why this food is so popular. But if you are new to groceries things, pay attention to this fact while buying eggs and some smart action if there is an accident while carrying it home.

Pay Attention At This thing While Buy It

When you arrive at the shop, you can see the eggs is placed inside or outside the refrigerator. Inside a box or just lay on a rack. Then there are some things you must notice while choosing the best eggs.

  • The Color And Shape

The chicken egg has a brown or white color. It depends on the kind of chicken. Breed chicken usually lay brown eggs.

Look closely to the shape of the egg. Don’t buy a cracked egg because it will affect how long do eggs last.

  • Expired Or Lay Date

If it sells in a box, then there will be an expired date written there. Pay attention at it, and choose the longest expired date.

For example, when you buy it on 2 March, and some boxes expired on 4 April and 31 March, choose the box which is expired on 4 April. It means that those eggs are newer than the other one.

  • Smell

The third things you can do is smelling the eggs. The fresh egg doesn’t smell anything. But the rotted one has a stinky smell.

What To Do When Having Cracked Eggs Accidentally

Cracked Eggs

While carrying at home or when you are placing it into another place, there may be an accident that makes the egg cracked. Don’t worry and do this smart step to make them last longer.

  • Cook And Eat It

Let the cracked egg for a long time will make them not fresh. If it is just an egg which is cracked, simply cook and eat it immediately.

  • Separate The Yolks And Whites

But if there is more than one or maybe all eggs are crack by accident, you can save it by separating the yolks. Put yolks and whites in a different place.

Make sure that the place is tight. Then, put them in low temperature. How long do eggs last is vary. If it in the fridge shelf it can save up to a month. But if it is frozen, it can save for a year.

  • Beat The Eggs And Save

The next thing you can do is beat them. Crack all the cracked eggs into a bowl, and beat all of them. How long do eggs last after the beaten is more than 2 days.

You don’t need to cook it immediately, because the refrigerator can store them for you. It will make you easier to do the scrambled egg or omelet.

When you wake up late, simply take it and directly pour it in a hot pan. Or use it as a mix for other food ingredients.

It’s not hard to choose a good quality egg. Make sure all eggs you buy meet the best requirement from the shape, color, and smell before taking them home.

Then if something bad happens, those smart things very easy to do. Who knows that you will get home safely or must face any obstacle at the road. A little shake will make the egg crack, especially if it is not in an egg box.