Smadav Pro 2019 vs Smadav Free 2019, Which is Better?

Smadav Pro 2019

A lot of people may think that Smadav Pro 2019 is better than the free version. After all, when you use a paid service, you expect it to be better and somewhat more sophisticated than the free version, right? Well, before you make a decision of choosing the paid service, it would be best if you can learn more about the software and its following features. In the end, it is you who would enjoy all the benefits. But when you make the wrong decision, it is you who will deal with the risks and consequences.

Smadav Free and Smadav Pro

Smadav is one of the antivirus programs designed to improve a computer’s system security and protection. It is claimed to deliver a satisfying result with quite an easy operation and management. For most people and computer users, the free service alone is enough to deliver a promising outcome. It’s like having a multi-beneficial outcome – they can protect their system and they don’t have to spend a dime doing so. Sounds like the idea plan, right?

Smadav Pro 2019 vs Smadav Free

However, most people aren’t satisfied with the free service. They say that the free service has very limited coverage and features – and they need more features that are stronger and greater. That’s why they decide to choose the Smadav Pro 2020. It is true that the features on the Pro version are wider and more complete. You can find automatic update every time there is a new update. It means that you won’t have to do any manual update whatsoever. Moreover, you can also find other features, such as App Tools Sections, License for Commercial or Profit use, Theme Colors Change, Anti Ramsomware, Auto Updates, Exception List, Admin Passwords, and Offer Message Hide. These features aren’t only great for the performance and outcome, but they are also great to create better convenience and comfort in the operation.

The Benefits of Pro Version

As it was mentioned before, Smadav Pro 2019 is able to offer a wider coverage of services and more complete features in the use and operation. Basically, if you don’t want to deal with traditional or manual operation anymore, you need to upgrade your antivirus software to the paid Pro service. If you hate the constant popup message that is offering you the newest update, then the Pro version will suit you better. If you choose the Pro, you won’t have to deal with the annoying message.

Words of Advice

But then again, you need to remember that Smadav isn’t your regular antivirus program. It is designed and created as an additional program, especially to perform the scan and check for the external devices like the flash drive. It isn’t designed as the main antivirus program which means that it may not have the complete features for the full protection. Smadav program works best if you can pair it up with other main programs – let Smadav does its supporting role for the antivirus. Now that you already know the nature of Smadav, including Smadav Pro 2019, so which do you want to choose?