Minecraft in Today’s Generation

The world of Minecraft is indeed difficult to understand by parents. But the video game has become so popular among children and adolescents that it has the title of the most watched video game on Youtube. According to the video sharing site, a game that allows users to design the world from blocks which is similar to Lego has become the most searched keyword after “music”.  A video research company YouTube, Newzoo and Octoloy, found videos with the Minecraft theme watched more than 3.9 billion times in March 2015 alone. Then, how about this year? Maybe this is not surprising for parents whose children are ‘addicted’ to Minecraft. The game really made them addicted so it was difficult to invite them to play bicycles, play football, visit parks and other activities.

Minecraft as Phenomenon

The phenomenon of parents’ despair with their children’s enthusiasm, obsession, and addiction to Minecraft is common. In various articles and online articles, they complain that this game takes over the lives of their children. Homework, assignments, and sleep are neglected as long as you can continue playing. This causes some parents to prohibit or limit playing time to Minecraft. There are some parents who complain that they think Minecraft is like all other addictive games which is endless. They want their children to learn about the real world, not the virtual world. But some other parents don’t mind seeing their children play the game. At least they do something rather creative. But they are also confused to see children spending hours watching other people playing Minecraft. That they consider a high level of obsession.

On YouTube, there are about 42 million videos related to Minecraft. Starting from a video tutorial that gives ideas on the types of objects that can be built, videos that are recorded by other users’ games, and tips for beautifying the “world” of Minecraft morning novice users. There are also hundreds of special channels to broadcast Minecraft videos. According to research, YouTube is like television for children of this generation. From there they entertain, learn, share knowledge. Watching others playing Minecraft allows them to expand their experience from just playing to a means to share experiences and learn from each other. Children are easily obsessed with Minecraft and watching YouTube videos is part of that obsession.

But watching Minecraft videos on YouTube is not a problem. Indications of the problem are by looking at the amount of time spent, and the impact on children’s health and mood. In Minecraft, children can build and explore new worlds and organize them as they like. The creativity that is stimulated by the game through a combination of shapes, tools and building materials. This game is intended for one task, namely to design complex structures such as creative games for the kids to study.

Interesting Facts about Minecraft

There are many interesting facts that maybe players don’t know about Minecraft. These facts below will blow your mind and you will be fonder with Minecraft.

  1. Not Markus who found the name “Minecraft”

Markus tried to find the right name for the game he was developing. But he didn’t manage to find the right name. Finally, he held a vote in an online community and got the name Minecraft. This can be done thanks to a user who accidentally named this game Minecraft. He claimed to have only played this game at a glance. He told of his experience playing the game Minecraft. He made a hole in the ground, but because in the end he was swallowed by the hole to the bottom of the earth’s stomach. That’s why he named is as Minecraft.

  1. Creeper made from a coding error

At first, the team of developers themselves wanted to make pigs. However, due to coding errors, they create four-legged creatures instead of pigs. However, from the developer team itself, Creeper changes the texture to a green texture which originally was the texture of a pig. After that, the developer team just made it as it is, so we got Creeper.

  1. You can search on Google and get popups from Minecraft Wiki.

You can type various keywords on google and will automatically get a popup directly from the search results. You don’t have to open the Minecraft wiki site. There are various things that you can get. For example in what level of depth we can find gold and other information. Users can also directly access Minecraft Wiki and get more efficient information.

  1. The mapping creator agency is Ordnance

Ordnance works as a map mapping creator agency for Minecraft to create a world map of Minecraft. You can see the result that the world of Minecraft is so vast. Starting from hills, mountains, valleys, even the sea. Composed of thousands of boxes, and consumes data capacity up to 10GB!

Those are some interesting facts about Minecraft.

Get to Know More about Ragnarok Online


Have you ever heard about Ragnarok? No, it’s not that famous Thor: Ragnarok movie. It is a computer game. There are many people who have no idea about this computer game. However, this game was really popular in its era. And if you know this game, it means that you are already old! Ragnarok Online is one of the games that became part of childhood gamers. The excitement of this MMORPG game had become viral in many countries. The game was first released in 2002. In fact, Ragnarok Online is an adaptation of manhwa (comic books) with the same name from South Korea. Maybe this game is not as popular as before, but there are many reasons why you have to play this game.

Why Should You Play Ragnarok Online?

Then what makes gamers have to play Ragnarok Online? Below are some valid reasons why Ragnarok Online is still relevant as now.

  1. You can play it for free

Ragnarok Online was first released and played with a paid-to-play system for years. It means that gamers must use vouchers to increase the lifetime of gamers to play. At that time, there were many people who don’t mind with this voucher thing. It is because the voucher has many great and cute picture of the characters in the game. The voucher was collected as a great collection for the gamers. However, you can play Ragnarok Online for free just like other computer games. You can use a special server to play it for free. Right now, the developer makes it available for many people to play the game for free.

  1. The game is a legend

Since this game was first released in 2002, we can consider Ragnarok Online as a legend game. This game was so popular during 2003-2007. It’s been 16 years since Ragnarok came. Gamers can experience this MMORPG game with unique graphics and gameplay. Although this game requires long online hours, there are still many people who love to spend their time and money in an internet café. They can spend at least 3 hours just to play this game. Ragnarok Online had many memories in the hearts of gamers in their childhood. You can feel the good old day vibes by playing Ragnarok Online!

  1. It has Ragnarok Representative Council

This feature is a new one. Moreover, Ragnarok Representative Council is also the first feature in the history of online games. Then what is the Ragnarok Representative Council? The feature is an association of board members, an honor formed by Gravindo (the developer) from several players of Ragnarok Online, which will be a bridge of intense communication between gamers and game publishers. This position is open to Ragnarok Mania who have the great game content knowledge and they are well known in the audience and able to lead the Ragnarok community in their respective country. Gravindo will prioritize the suggestions, aspirations, and criticisms that come from the Ragnarok Representative Council.

Basic Jobs in Ragnarok Online

This game is located in Rune Midgard and you will be a Novice for the first time. One of the uniqueness of MMORPG Ragnarok Online is that it has many Job that you can choose from the Novice level. There are three basic Jobs on Ragnarok Online that can be selected. Each of them has advantages, each of which will complement each other. You will later also be able to change to a higher Job when their Job level increases to a minimum level of 40.

  1. Swordsman

As the name suggests, if you choose this as your job, then you will be is a swordsman.  You will use the sword as your main weapon. However, you can use other weapons too such as a knife, spear, mace, 2-handed spear, as well as a 2-handed sword. If you want to change your character into a Swordsman, a Novice must pass the test into the dark dungeon in Izlude. There are some advantages of Swordsman. This job is able to lure enemies to attack the character. Among many jobs available in Ragnarok Online, a Swordsman has the highest HP. Moreover, a Swordsman also features high regeneration capabilities. That is why this job is suitable to be a tanker. Since this job is able to use 2 handed-swords, your character can have high attack rates.

  1. Archer

The only job on Ragnarok Online that has the farthest attack distance in this game. They attack using bows and arrows. Archer’s uniqueness makes it a deadly physical type damage dealer. Even the enemy will die before they succeed in approaching the character. If you want to be an Archer, your character must learn wood in Payon village. This job has several advantages such as able to attack enemies from a great distance, able to adjust the weakness elements of the opponent monster by using certain arrows, able to attack enemies from cliffs. An Archer also has the ability of Double Strafe which gives very high physical damage to kill enemies easily.

  1. Magician

Unlike the Swordsman and Archers, the Magician uses magic to beat their enemies. They attack with a spell, while for weapons they use is a knife or wand. You need to make a concoction in Geffen as a test to be a Magician. This job has advantages such as able to attack remotely using magic, has a high attack power using the magic they learned, able to kill enemies easily, and they also easily adjust the element of weakness of monster.