Make Your Unique Instagram Captions With This Ideas

People want to have more follower in their Instagram account. Some of them using a great picture, then other people choose to make a unique caption to attract more follower. Here are 5 ideas that can use to be an Instagram caption.

How To Make Unique Instagram Captions

  1. Wise Or Unique Quote from Disney

Disney has a lot of movies. Almost all people love Disney. There also much quotes or funny words from the film.

You can use one of the best quotes from Disney film to be a picture’s caption. For example, if you want to post a magical picture or an awesome achievement you can use this captions. “Powered By Pixiedust”.

It means that what’s in the photo is really magical and unbelievable. So the fairy helps you by the pixie dust.

  1. Clever Captions

Being clever is not only good for the school. Instagram captions will elevate the post quality if the owner can make a clever caption.

This kind of caption using smart words with good rhyme. For example, “raindrop at the top, and I just eating nonstop”. This caption is suitable to describe a picture with beautiful food at a cafe or even above the bed at midnight.

  1. Savage Captions

Savage Captions

Being upset or hate something is normal for people. Everybody may feel angry or sad and want to tell their follower that they are not in a good mood.

Savage Instagram captions, will be the best way to express that feeling. This is an example of savage captions. ” you can treat me like a joke, and I’ll laugh cause you’re like a clown”

This sentence is like a light joke, but actually, the writer feels so upset. Maybe she just left her boyfriend because he was cheating behind her. Or something worse.

  1. Cute Captions

Cute captions purpose is just to look like a cute person. In the Instagram account, everybody can be someone different.

So many people especially woman wants to look cute. And men want to be cute to flirt that kind of cute woman. In addition, they also can use this captions to gain more follower.

Here is an example of cute captions to melt women’s heart. “You made my day, and all my tomorrow” or “you are all mine, and I’m not sharing”.

  1. Birthday Captions For Friend

Birthday Captions

Giving a birthday wishes to a best friend isn’t enough with just saying Happy Birthday. As your best friend, you need to make great birthday wishes through unique captions.

Post a photo which has you and your best friend there, and gives a great caption. For example “17 years ago today, a Princess was born”. Sounds great right?

Or if you can caption like this, “happy birthday may you never find a better friend than me”. Make unique captions to make you look cool and different from other people’s birthday wishes.

Before making great captions from those ideas, make sure to choose a good photo. Then think what actually you want to say through the Instagram captions. Adjust your photo with an idea, then make your own unique captions easily.