How To Share Your Screen In Slack

How To Share Your Screen In Slack

One of the developments that can help people with their jobs especially for those in a company is slack. This is a software where people can communicate with one another using chats or emails. However, this is more multifunction software because people can call, chat, and email with one app.  You can also share the screen with other people as well. Although this feature is only available in the premium version, you should know how to share your screen in Slack.

Yet still, Slack is a perfect software for people working in a company because they can even use it for a meeting. In this meeting, people can share their screen with other people and even give control. However, you must subscribe to the premium or paid version first. When you have it, learn these steps on how to share your screen in Slack:

1. Choose a User

Before starting a call, there must be a user that will be responsible for inviting people. Thus, they will share the screen later in the call. Therefore, first, choose a PIC that will have the responsibility in doing this task. In short, this person is going to be the moderator.

2. Start a Call

The first step that you must do when you want to share a screen starts a call. Choose a contact that you want to discuss with and press the call symbol. This will make it normal for you and your friends. You can make a group call with slack, so invite the people that you will need. This call can be a video call or just a normal call with just the voice.

3. Share Screen

How To Share Your Screen In Slack

When everyone has gathered, you can press the screen symbol on your screen. This will then show the entire screen of your laptop. Even the cursor is available and seen by other people. One of the benefits of this app is that people can share more than one monitor. But if it is multiple monitors, users will have to choose which screen they prioritize. The steps on how to share your screen in slack are as easy as that.

4. All notifications will be Off

During this moment, all your notifications will automatically be turned off. This is to help people focus on the sharing and doesn’t get disturbed with the incoming notifications. Your video call will also be disabled because you are using your screen with other people.

5. End the Call

If you have finished the sharing session and you want to end the whole thing click the red phone. However, if you want to keep calling but end the sharing session then click the symbol screen again. This will bring back the screen to yourself and other people will not see it again.

How to share your screen in slack is very easy and useful for people in an organization. Without having to gather in the same place people can share what they need and share their screen. However, to use this feature make sure that you have the paid version of slack.