How to Leave Whatsapp Group without Notification

Have you been wondering How to Leave Whatsapp Group without Notification? Although the Whatsapp group might be beneficial to get in touch with friends, workmates, or community, however, the notifications may be very annoying.

Moreover, if you have too many Whatsapp groups in your phone, it may cause your phone’s performance tends to run slowly. Typically, you will feel unpleasant to leave the group since there will be a notification about your leaving. The group members might read your leaving notification and begin to think why. Thus, you need to leave the group without letting them know.

Look at the tips How To Leave Whatsapp Group Without Notification below:

Go To Settings

To leave the Whatsapp group with no notification alerting is to go to setting app. This setting app ill actually disables the notifications so that none can notify your leaving. There are two ways of going to the settings due to the fact that you may use a different phone.

Muting group notification in Android.

There are four steps of muting the group notification in Android. Those are:

  • Head to settings.
  • Click “Whatsapp” that you may see at the bottom part of the screen displayed.
  • Click on “Notifications”.
  • Turn off “Group notification” which is located just below the group notification.

Muting group notification in iOS.

Muting the group notification in iOS has only three steps as follows:

  • Head to Whatsapp.
  • Click on Settings at the bottom part.
  • Tap on Notifications just below the group notifications.
  • Turn off “Show Notifications” located just below the group notifications.

Now that you have known the way How to Leave Whatsapp Group without Notification, you can go to Whatsapp and leave the group with no notification at all. Thus, the Whatsapp group members will not receive the notifications about your leaving. They can only check the group members and check whether or not your name is there.

Additional Tips: How to Delete Whatsapp Group without Leaving the Group

Do you want to delete Whatsapp group without the need to leave the group? It is quite possible. Look at the following step:

  • Go directly to Whatsapp.
  • Click on Chats.
  • Swipe rights on the group after you have located the group.
  • Click on More.
  • Click on Clear Chat

Now you are able to delete the group without leaving the group. This idea will automatically delete all of the audio, images, and videos in Whatsapp. The benefit of doing this is that you will have more memory left, therefore, you can use the memory for other useful things in your iPhone 7.


In conclusion, the idea How to leave Whatsapp group without notification is quite possible and applicable to help you free from Whatsapp group notifications that may be very annoying. You don’t have to feel worried or unpleasant when you really want to leave the group. Make sure you follow all of the tips given. Finally, have a nice try!