6 Best Home Theater Speakers

Watching a movie at home but with the cinema’s atmosphere is an interesting experience. It will be greater if you can present it every day by installing a home theater speaker to support your monitor. And so that you don’t mischoose, these are 6 best home theater speakers as the recommendations.

1. Polytron Home Theater PHT 925L

Polytron Home Theater PHT 925L

When buying Polytron Home Theater PHT 925L, in the packaging you will find a set of home theater. It consists of 4 speaker towers with tallboy design and 1 subwoofer. Besides, you will also get the guide book and warranty book.

There are 10 presets equalizer systems, some of them are rock, pop, classic, and jazz. It supports digital FM, HDMI output, and USB. You can also input 2 mics in it.

2. JBL Cinema 610

JBL Cinema 610

Bring the atmosphere like in a cinema with JBL Cinema 610. It has 1 center speaker that is supported by 5 satellite speakers, that make the performance good. 

The dimensions are small enough to put on furniture. You can also install it on the wall. Besides, there are some other features of this home theater. And you can read more reviews on Sylvia Juncosa.

3. Harman Kardon AVR 171 HKTS 11 BQ

Harman Kardon AVR 171 HKTS 11 BQ

This home theater is equipped with 5 speakers and audio 7.2 ch. The sound produced is clear and noise-free. This product is the right choice to watch a movie at home without any noise from outside.

Harman Kardon AVR 171 HKTS 11 BQ supports DLNA 1.5 technology, Bluetooth, and also Apple AirPlay. Therefore, you can say that this Harman Kardon is one of the best home theater speakers. 

4. Yamaha YHT 1840 5.1 Package

This one is a ready surround package. In the package, you will find a front speaker, a center speaker, a surround speaker, and a subwoofer. Those speakers certainly have different characteristics.

Yamaha YHT 1840 5.1 Package has many audio and video features. It has adaptive DRC, volume setting, audio delay, also 4K Ultra HD pass-through. Besides, this home theater also supports HDMI for the connectivity.

5. Samsung HT-J5100K

Samsung HT-J5100K

With Crystal Amp Pro technology, Samsung HT-J5100K can produce magnificent sound. The sound quality can also be increased by multivariable feedback. Not only that, but you can also easily set the audio from the TV monitor directly.

With satellite type, this home theater has a full-range speaker in the front, center, and surround. It also has other special features. They are USB Recording, CD Ripping, FM Recording, and TV Sound On.

6. Bigband Polytron BB 5501

Bigband Polytron BB 5501

One more from Polytron. This home theater is also a great choice for family multimedia. It supports broad media formats. Not only playing your MP3 from the USB port. But you can also reminisce by playing your old collections of DVD or cassette tape.

Bigband Polytron BB 5501 provides a mic port for you who love karaoke. Mic level and digital echo indicator features will enhance the excitement in singing together. But of course, the surround sound technology plays its main role.

Those are 6 recommendations of the best home theater speakers that are worth installing at home. Each has both the characteristics and plus-minus. Consider what you need, then choose the home theater you like the most.

What Is Bluestacks And Why Many People Like It

What Is Bluestacks

Technology keeps on developing from time to time, making anything possible. In the old days, most people used computers/laptops to work. However, as time passed, mobile phones became advanced, having the capability of a computer. Therefore, many people started to use mobile phones rather than their computers/ laptops at home. Nowadays, people are coming back to computers because they can access their mobile phone system using Bluestacks. So, many of you must be asking what is Bluestacks App Player and why is it so popular these days?

Bluestacks is a company in the US that created the Bluestacks App Player that can be installed on a computer. With this app, people can download and run almost all the Android apps that you have on your mobile phone. The app will also synchronize to your Google Account after you log in. However, to learn more about what is Bluestacks App Player and the benefits of it, read down:

What Is Bluestacks

1. Run Android Apps on PC

As informed before, users can run almost any kind of app using the computer. And this is one of the reasons why people love the app so much. With this app, users can play games they usually play on their phones. They can also get a better picture of the game and easily play it with the PC.

2. App to Transfer Data

To access the Android System, people must first log in to their Google Account in the Bluestacks App Player. Once you have logged in, the account will synchronize with the app, therefore you can start accessing it. Therefore, this app is very helpful for those who need to transfer data without a cable.

3. App Available in Windows & Mac

Windows & Mac

What is Bluestacks App Player and how functional is it? Well, whether your computer is using Windows or IOS, they can all use the Bluestacks App Player. Since a few years ago, Bluestack released a version for IOS, therefore people using Mac can also use it. So, even if you are using a Mac, you can open your Android system with the laptop/ computer.

4. Safe & Free to Use

One of the benefits of the apps is it is easy to use and best of all it is free. For those who want to download the app just needs to type in the search bow and download it. Many links offer the app, so you want to find any difficulty in looking for the app. And don’t worry the app is safe to use as long as people don’t know your Google account. So, don’t keep asking is Bluestacks safe to others, because yes it is safe.

5. What is New in the App

After knowing the use of the app, many people have been installing it on their computers. People can also update their app with the most updated version to enjoy the features. The newest Bluestack is the Bluestack version 4 where it is better in many ways.

So, after knowing what is Bluestacks App Player and the function, no wonder many people love the app. With the app, people can use their Android system on their mobile phone or on their computer. Now, feel the new features of Bluestack by downloading the newest version 4 online.

How To Share Your Screen In Slack

How To Share Your Screen In Slack

One of the developments that can help people with their jobs especially for those in a company is slack. This is a software where people can communicate with one another using chats or emails. However, this is more multifunction software because people can call, chat, and email with one app.  You can also share the screen with other people as well. Although this feature is only available in the premium version, you should know how to share your screen in Slack.

Yet still, Slack is a perfect software for people working in a company because they can even use it for a meeting. In this meeting, people can share their screen with other people and even give control. However, you must subscribe to the premium or paid version first. When you have it, learn these steps on how to share your screen in Slack:

1. Choose a User

Before starting a call, there must be a user that will be responsible for inviting people. Thus, they will share the screen later in the call. Therefore, first, choose a PIC that will have the responsibility in doing this task. In short, this person is going to be the moderator.

2. Start a Call

The first step that you must do when you want to share a screen starts a call. Choose a contact that you want to discuss with and press the call symbol. This will make it normal for you and your friends. You can make a group call with slack, so invite the people that you will need. This call can be a video call or just a normal call with just the voice.

3. Share Screen

How To Share Your Screen In Slack

When everyone has gathered, you can press the screen symbol on your screen. This will then show the entire screen of your laptop. Even the cursor is available and seen by other people. One of the benefits of this app is that people can share more than one monitor. But if it is multiple monitors, users will have to choose which screen they prioritize. The steps on how to share your screen in slack are as easy as that.

4. All notifications will be Off

During this moment, all your notifications will automatically be turned off. This is to help people focus on the sharing and doesn’t get disturbed with the incoming notifications. Your video call will also be disabled because you are using your screen with other people.

5. End the Call

If you have finished the sharing session and you want to end the whole thing click the red phone. However, if you want to keep calling but end the sharing session then click the symbol screen again. This will bring back the screen to yourself and other people will not see it again.

How to share your screen in slack is very easy and useful for people in an organization. Without having to gather in the same place people can share what they need and share their screen. However, to use this feature make sure that you have the paid version of slack.

Things To Noticed About Eggs While Buy It


Eggs are easy to buy anywhere. It also cheap so all people want to eat it. How long do eggs last is also one of the reasons why this food is so popular. But if you are new to groceries things, pay attention to this fact while buying eggs and some smart action if there is an accident while carrying it home.

Pay Attention At This thing While Buy It

When you arrive at the shop, you can see the eggs is placed inside or outside the refrigerator. Inside a box or just lay on a rack. Then there are some things you must notice while choosing the best eggs.

  • The Color And Shape

The chicken egg has a brown or white color. It depends on the kind of chicken. Breed chicken usually lay brown eggs.

Look closely to the shape of the egg. Don’t buy a cracked egg because it will affect how long do eggs last.

  • Expired Or Lay Date

If it sells in a box, then there will be an expired date written there. Pay attention at it, and choose the longest expired date.

For example, when you buy it on 2 March, and some boxes expired on 4 April and 31 March, choose the box which is expired on 4 April. It means that those eggs are newer than the other one.

  • Smell

The third things you can do is smelling the eggs. The fresh egg doesn’t smell anything. But the rotted one has a stinky smell.

What To Do When Having Cracked Eggs Accidentally

Cracked Eggs

While carrying at home or when you are placing it into another place, there may be an accident that makes the egg cracked. Don’t worry and do this smart step to make them last longer.

  • Cook And Eat It

Let the cracked egg for a long time will make them not fresh. If it is just an egg which is cracked, simply cook and eat it immediately.

  • Separate The Yolks And Whites

But if there is more than one or maybe all eggs are crack by accident, you can save it by separating the yolks. Put yolks and whites in a different place.

Make sure that the place is tight. Then, put them in low temperature. How long do eggs last is vary. If it in the fridge shelf it can save up to a month. But if it is frozen, it can save for a year.

  • Beat The Eggs And Save

The next thing you can do is beat them. Crack all the cracked eggs into a bowl, and beat all of them. How long do eggs last after the beaten is more than 2 days.

You don’t need to cook it immediately, because the refrigerator can store them for you. It will make you easier to do the scrambled egg or omelet.

When you wake up late, simply take it and directly pour it in a hot pan. Or use it as a mix for other food ingredients.

It’s not hard to choose a good quality egg. Make sure all eggs you buy meet the best requirement from the shape, color, and smell before taking them home.

Then if something bad happens, those smart things very easy to do. Who knows that you will get home safely or must face any obstacle at the road. A little shake will make the egg crack, especially if it is not in an egg box.

Make Your Unique Instagram Captions With This Ideas

People want to have more follower in their Instagram account. Some of them using a great picture, then other people choose to make a unique caption to attract more follower. Here are 5 ideas that can use to be an Instagram caption.

How To Make Unique Instagram Captions

  1. Wise Or Unique Quote from Disney

Disney has a lot of movies. Almost all people love Disney. There also much quotes or funny words from the film.

You can use one of the best quotes from Disney film to be a picture’s caption. For example, if you want to post a magical picture or an awesome achievement you can use this captions. “Powered By Pixiedust”.

It means that what’s in the photo is really magical and unbelievable. So the fairy helps you by the pixie dust.

  1. Clever Captions

Being clever is not only good for the school. Instagram captions will elevate the post quality if the owner can make a clever caption.

This kind of caption using smart words with good rhyme. For example, “raindrop at the top, and I just eating nonstop”. This caption is suitable to describe a picture with beautiful food at a cafe or even above the bed at midnight.

  1. Savage Captions

Savage Captions

Being upset or hate something is normal for people. Everybody may feel angry or sad and want to tell their follower that they are not in a good mood.

Savage Instagram captions, will be the best way to express that feeling. This is an example of savage captions. ” you can treat me like a joke, and I’ll laugh cause you’re like a clown”

This sentence is like a light joke, but actually, the writer feels so upset. Maybe she just left her boyfriend because he was cheating behind her. Or something worse.

  1. Cute Captions

Cute captions purpose is just to look like a cute person. In the Instagram account, everybody can be someone different.

So many people especially woman wants to look cute. And men want to be cute to flirt that kind of cute woman. In addition, they also can use this captions to gain more follower.

Here is an example of cute captions to melt women’s heart. “You made my day, and all my tomorrow” or “you are all mine, and I’m not sharing”.

  1. Birthday Captions For Friend

Birthday Captions

Giving a birthday wishes to a best friend isn’t enough with just saying Happy Birthday. As your best friend, you need to make great birthday wishes through unique captions.

Post a photo which has you and your best friend there, and gives a great caption. For example “17 years ago today, a Princess was born”. Sounds great right?

Or if you can caption like this, “happy birthday may you never find a better friend than me”. Make unique captions to make you look cool and different from other people’s birthday wishes.

Before making great captions from those ideas, make sure to choose a good photo. Then think what actually you want to say through the Instagram captions. Adjust your photo with an idea, then make your own unique captions easily.

6 Facts About Taskhostw.exe


Taskhostw.exe may be a problem with the computer. This file is one of trojan horse virus or malware. Here are 5 facts about taskhostw which harm the computer and need to fix soon.

What is Taskhostw.exe

  1. It Comes From A Downloaded File

This file usually comes from a downloaded file, video, or software from the internet. There is much free software on the internet that used by it uploader as a carrier.

When the file carrying taskhostw comes in the virus will harm the computer soon. Be sure to download the file from a trusted website.

When downloading files never skip the virus scan. Many antiviruses for internet always scan all file which wants to download by the user. Skipping this step may give a chance, to the trojan virus to come inside the computer.

  1. This Viruses Sometime Ask For Permission

Of course, it’s not polite permission like “excuse me can I affect your computer?”. The permission is like a checklist that will lead the user to permit the virus to do some weird things.

So be careful and read well before giving a checklist when installing new software. Many users usually just accept the checklist before reading the statement and understand the risk.

  1. CPU Working So Hard

CPU Working So Hard

This fact can happen after the user turns on their computer. At first, this device will have a longer boot time. Startup process will look harder than before. But in this stage user usually, don’t realize this.

The user may find that the CPU works harder and can see it from the task manager. Open task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del from the keyboard. There, the user will see CPU usage and all process that happens in the CPU.

  1. CPU Not Work As Normal While Computer In Use

The normal computer will process everything fast. But an infected one by taskhostw.exe cannot do that. Once it infected, the CPU will be broken slowly.

After being slow, some programs may not work normally. taskhostw.exe affect some programs too. It can make the program often not responding or can not access at all.

  1. Resizing Windows Will Be So Slow

The virus can get worse. It can make the windows of some program cant maximize or minimize quickly. Is it disturbing? Yes of course.

It really difficult when the user needs to do some multitasking job. Each window has to easy max and min but because of this virus, the window cannot respond well.

  1. Programs Can’t Launch Quickly

The next facts are worse than previous things. This taskhostw.exe can make the program launch quickly. It will consume more time to respond and process the program.

Imagine if the user needs to make something quick. Like writing some fresh idea. But it will be hung up by the booting time of word program. This is really annoying.

Before taskhostw.exe infect the computer, be careful if want to download any file from the internet. Do the scanning procedure from antivirus and recheck all permission asked by software. But if the taskhostw already harm the computer, find the best solutions to expert. Bring the computer to the service center so they can fix the problem. Make sure to backup all important file or folders too.

Smadav Pro 2019 vs Smadav Free 2019, Which is Better?

Smadav Pro 2019

A lot of people may think that Smadav Pro 2019 is better than the free version. After all, when you use a paid service, you expect it to be better and somewhat more sophisticated than the free version, right? Well, before you make a decision of choosing the paid service, it would be best if you can learn more about the software and its following features. In the end, it is you who would enjoy all the benefits. But when you make the wrong decision, it is you who will deal with the risks and consequences.

Smadav Free and Smadav Pro

Smadav is one of the antivirus programs designed to improve a computer’s system security and protection. It is claimed to deliver a satisfying result with quite an easy operation and management. For most people and computer users, the free service alone is enough to deliver a promising outcome. It’s like having a multi-beneficial outcome – they can protect their system and they don’t have to spend a dime doing so. Sounds like the idea plan, right?

Smadav Pro 2019 vs Smadav Free

However, most people aren’t satisfied with the free service. They say that the free service has very limited coverage and features – and they need more features that are stronger and greater. That’s why they decide to choose the Smadav Pro 2020. It is true that the features on the Pro version are wider and more complete. You can find automatic update every time there is a new update. It means that you won’t have to do any manual update whatsoever. Moreover, you can also find other features, such as App Tools Sections, License for Commercial or Profit use, Theme Colors Change, Anti Ramsomware, Auto Updates, Exception List, Admin Passwords, and Offer Message Hide. These features aren’t only great for the performance and outcome, but they are also great to create better convenience and comfort in the operation.

The Benefits of Pro Version

As it was mentioned before, Smadav Pro 2019 is able to offer a wider coverage of services and more complete features in the use and operation. Basically, if you don’t want to deal with traditional or manual operation anymore, you need to upgrade your antivirus software to the paid Pro service. If you hate the constant popup message that is offering you the newest update, then the Pro version will suit you better. If you choose the Pro, you won’t have to deal with the annoying message.

Words of Advice

But then again, you need to remember that Smadav isn’t your regular antivirus program. It is designed and created as an additional program, especially to perform the scan and check for the external devices like the flash drive. It isn’t designed as the main antivirus program which means that it may not have the complete features for the full protection. Smadav program works best if you can pair it up with other main programs – let Smadav does its supporting role for the antivirus. Now that you already know the nature of Smadav, including Smadav Pro 2019, so which do you want to choose?

How to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

Are you the gamer using the latest version of Windows? Well, Windows 10 is the latest update from Windows. It is a great OS for gamers because it incorporates many useful features and programs. However, having Windows 10 installed in your computer will not make your computer ready to run your favorite game well. It is because you still need to know how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming for your best game experience.

How to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming:

Disable Nagle’s Algorithm

Nagle’s Algorithm means improving the efficiency of TCP/IP networks by reducing the number of packets that need to be sent. To disable this algorithm, you need to open your “Registry Settings” under “Start” then “type regedit”, and choose “Regedit”. This will open the Registry Editor. Then, you will have to click on “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interface”.

After that, match the file with the IP address of your Internet connection. Then, you have to right-click on the folder and select “New> DWORD (32-bit) Value” to create “TcpAckFrequency” and “TCPNoDelay”. At last, double-click on each one and set the parameters to one. This is how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

Update GPU Driver

To make your GPU work efficiently, you can install the latest drivers. This driver allows the software and Windows to communicate with the card effectively. In addition, you can install the latest drivers by downloading the AMD or NVIDIA card. If this way really works for you then this is how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

Adjust for Better Performance/Visual

To make your Windows 10 faster for gaming, you need to go to control panel and select “System and Security”. Then, click “System” to discover “Advanced system Systems” on the left-hand side, and enter the zone of visual effects. After that, you can choose “Adjust for Best Performance” or “Adjust for Best Appearance” depending on your requirements.

Play with Windows Update Option

The automatic update of the Operating system in Windows 10 feature makes your computer has a negative impact on its performance. In addition, they exhaust CPU usage and consistently write and read your SSD and HDD, resulting in slow loading. Thus, you should disable the Windows Update option by right click to your PC, click “Manage” and choose ”Service”. After that, on Windows Update, you can “Disable” then “Apply” and click “OK”.

Download Advanced System Optimizer

This program allows you to maintain your hard drive and manage your space. In addition, you can delete the unwanted files to boosts your game performance and avoid clogging on the hard drive. However, the process of optimizing your system will be time-consuming, but it improves the game and performance of your computer. Apart from Game Booster, it comes with features like System Protector, Driver Updater and Disk Optimizing to protect your computer.

Temporarily pause Windows Update

If you pause updates from being installed, it will prevent your Windows from installing updates. It is really useful, especially when you are in the middle of a game. In addition, here are some steps that you need to do.

  • Choose the Windows logo and Q on your keyboard and then you type “update“. After that, click Check for Updates
  • Click Advanced options.
  • Turn on Pause updates.

Your Windows Update will be paused for up to 35 days. Moreover, after you resume it, you’ll only be able to re-pause it after you install the latest updates.

Overall, now you know how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming and can apply it in your computer. Creating the best game atmosphere with your latest windows version is real. Happy gaming and enjoy your time.

How to Leave Whatsapp Group without Notification

Have you been wondering How to Leave Whatsapp Group without Notification? Although the Whatsapp group might be beneficial to get in touch with friends, workmates, or community, however, the notifications may be very annoying.

Moreover, if you have too many Whatsapp groups in your phone, it may cause your phone’s performance tends to run slowly. Typically, you will feel unpleasant to leave the group since there will be a notification about your leaving. The group members might read your leaving notification and begin to think why. Thus, you need to leave the group without letting them know.

Look at the tips How To Leave Whatsapp Group Without Notification below:

Go To Settings

To leave the Whatsapp group with no notification alerting is to go to setting app. This setting app ill actually disables the notifications so that none can notify your leaving. There are two ways of going to the settings due to the fact that you may use a different phone.

Muting group notification in Android.

There are four steps of muting the group notification in Android. Those are:

  • Head to settings.
  • Click “Whatsapp” that you may see at the bottom part of the screen displayed.
  • Click on “Notifications”.
  • Turn off “Group notification” which is located just below the group notification.

Muting group notification in iOS.

Muting the group notification in iOS has only three steps as follows:

  • Head to Whatsapp.
  • Click on Settings at the bottom part.
  • Tap on Notifications just below the group notifications.
  • Turn off “Show Notifications” located just below the group notifications.

Now that you have known the way How to Leave Whatsapp Group without Notification, you can go to Whatsapp and leave the group with no notification at all. Thus, the Whatsapp group members will not receive the notifications about your leaving. They can only check the group members and check whether or not your name is there.

Additional Tips: How to Delete Whatsapp Group without Leaving the Group

Do you want to delete Whatsapp group without the need to leave the group? It is quite possible. Look at the following step:

  • Go directly to Whatsapp.
  • Click on Chats.
  • Swipe rights on the group after you have located the group.
  • Click on More.
  • Click on Clear Chat

Now you are able to delete the group without leaving the group. This idea will automatically delete all of the audio, images, and videos in Whatsapp. The benefit of doing this is that you will have more memory left, therefore, you can use the memory for other useful things in your iPhone 7.


In conclusion, the idea How to leave Whatsapp group without notification is quite possible and applicable to help you free from Whatsapp group notifications that may be very annoying. You don’t have to feel worried or unpleasant when you really want to leave the group. Make sure you follow all of the tips given. Finally, have a nice try!