5 Best Dictionary Apps for Android and iOS

If you are learning languages, dictionary becomes a must-have app on your device. This tool comes in handy to help you learn more vocabularies without the need of bringing a bulky dictionary book. Luckily, there is a wide range of dictionary apps you can choose, from picture dictionary to ones with thesaurus.

Do you need help to find the best one? You’ve come to the right page. You are about to find 5 most recommended dictionary apps that work well on Android and iOS.

5 Best Dictionary Apps for Android and iOS

Whether you are learners or teachers, having a handy dictionary can make your language learning easier. These dictionary apps are the best choices you could ask for, so check this out!

1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This is an app every non-native English speaker must have. Merriam-Webster is known as a powerful and versatile dictionary as it comes packed with a number of features like voice search, example sentences, and audio pronunciations. It also has thesaurus, synonyms, and antonyms.

To help improve your vocabularies, this dictionary app offers word of the day features. Of course, it lets you learn new vocabularies every day. You can also enjoy vocabulary-boosting quizzes that makes language learning more fun and challenging. Luckily, this excellent app is completely free.

2. Longman Dictionary

Longman Dictionary

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If you want to upgrade your level in English learning, Longman dictionary can be a good bet. This is a pair of collocations and thesaurus dictionaries, allowing you to choose collocation and correct words anytime. As mentioned on Androidally.com, this app is suitable for teachers and learners.

The Longman Dictionary is available for Android and iOS. Unluckily, the developer doesn’t offer a free version so that you need to spend a dime before enjoying the features. If you are interested, choose the 6th edition that offers complete online vocabulary.

3. Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary

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Every learner of English language knows the Oxford dictionary very well. Thankfully, the dictionary app is now available for mobile devices. This app is as amazing as the printed version since it comes with the most comprehensive English vocabularies, even to the latest ones.

Not only does it provide you with millions of words, but it also has phrases and meanings. If you need to understand the basic meaning of each word, this dictionary app has everything you need to comprehend English language. Oxford dictionary is available for Android and iOS for free.

4. Advanced English

Advanced English

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This is a unique combination of dictionary and thesaurus. The decent app has more than 1.4 million words that let you learn more and more vocabularies every day. It also includes antonyms and synonyms so that you can find the right words with different variations.

One of the best things about the Advanced English dictionary is that it can work offline. Not to mention it features a tool that defines every word you copy from other apps. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful dictionary app, this is surely for you.

5. Dictionary.com


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Dictionary.com is a decent offline dictionary that will help you learn English. This popular app has more than 2 million words, meanings, synonyms, and antonyms to boost your knowledge. It comes with a simple interface so that you don’t need to spend time learning how to use it.

For a better user experience, Dictionary.com is equipped with audio pronunciation. With this, you know how to pronounce every word the way native speakers do. The simple app also features Word of the Day, Quiz, and in-app purchases like slang dictionary and science dictionary.

Dictionary apps are undoubtedly powerful to help boost your English knowledge. Among the many choices out there, the five apps above are the most recommended options you can count on. Which one is your favorite dictionary?

5 Best Apps for Counting Calories for Android and iOS

Tracking calories on food could be very important for those who want to achieve a healthier life or want to lose weight. Counting calorie intake could help to prevent the user from consuming excessive amounts of calories that can be bad for health. So, these are the list of best apps for counting calories.

1. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular apps for losing weight and counting calories. Not only it gives a precise amount of calorie intake, but it also tracks nutrition and sugar intake as well.

It informs the user of the number of calories that they consume daily. Each day is presented as a pie chart, showing the user breakdown of protein, carbs, and fat.

MyFitnessPal could also sync with other health apps such as Google Fit. This app offers a free version. But, some of its features can only be accessed in the premium version that costs $49.99 per year.

Download for Android, Download for iOS

2. Lose It!

Lose It!

Lose it is a calorie counting app that also offers many losing weight programs. This app provides a recommendation for calorie intake based on user weight, height, age, and goals.

This app is also accessible on the web version via the user’s laptop or PC. You can visit Drivers and Software for those who want free desktop software.

Lose It! has a food database with popular restaurants, grocery stores, and brand-name foods that you can see by scanning the barcode packages or just looking it up.

Download for Android, Download for iOS

3. SparkPeople


SparkPeople is one of the best apps for counting calories. It tracks the nutrition, activities, goals, and progress of the user.

SparkPeople is not just a basic calorie counting app, it’s a whole community. In those communities, users can share a healthy recipe, programs, exercise, and tips to lose weight.

It has the most complete food database online that users can access freely. But users could also get other greater features by upgrading their account to premium.

Download for Android, Download for iOS

4. Fitbit


Fitbit is an app that lets the user take their food tracking to the next level. Users can input foods either manually or with their barcode scanner to track the nutrition and calories that are contained in it.

The app also gives its user detailed data on their heart rates, sleep quality, and more that also important for those who want to achieve a healthy life. Not only accessible by smartphone, but it also provided the user a device to give detailed information.

The app is free on iOS and Android. But if the user wants a better experience with this app, they can unlock the premium feature.

Download for Android, Download for iOS

5. Nutritionix Track

Nutritionix Track

Nutritionix Track gives its user straightforward information on calorie tracking. It can track not only packaged food, but it also tracks nutrition, calorie, and fat from restaurant food.

With the premium feature that costs $5.99 per month, users can share their food log with their nutritionist or doctor. It’s also a terrific resource for health professionals.

Download for Windows, Download for iOS

Those are the list of the best apps for counting calories. Hope that list could help those who want to achieve a healthier life or want to lose weight.

4 Best Free Video Apps for Windows

Video Apps for Windows

Do you want to have fun with the Best Video Apps for Windows? This page is the right one to visit. Since enjoying video on Windows is the most exciting moment to refresh the mind while or after working, having the video apps is a must.

Moreover, if you have already had Windows 10, it will be very great to install the best video apps. Therefore, on this page, I am going to share some Best Video Apps for Windows you can download at free and enjoy the videos as soon as possible. Check the apps that have been taken into the list below:

4 Best Video Apps for Windows

5K Player

5K Player is designed with built-in AirPlay receiver which is aimed to help you enjoy the free stream media from iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch to Mac OS X. You can also enjoy the streaming from Windows PC. This video app is best described to have an ability to convert the online videos movie soundtracks to MP3 and AAC Music.
5K Player is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,8 and 10. Don’t hesitate to download this video app for free.

Aiseesoft Total Video Converter

Another Best Video Apps for Windows comes with the name Aiseesoft Total Video Converter. This video app has actually a good reputation due to the fact that it has been used widely all over the world. It is very popular with video conversion and editing tools which are very complete.

Along with this video app, you will be able to convert between the various formats of the videos such as MP4, MP3, VOB, WTV, FLV, MKV and many more. It is also featuring audio track and subtitle editing tools. If you watch a foreign movie without subtitle, you must feel annoyed, right? Thus, Aiseesoft Total Video Converter comes to help you with the solution.

You may get this app at free by searching it on FileHorse App. Don’t forget to provide 45.8 MB to download this app.

All My Movies

Do you want to have a personal movie organizer completed with IMDb lookup? My Movies is the answer. It will help you to start building your own movie database in a quick way. This app is very suitable to enhance the excitement of watching videos or movies just like in the theatre. It supports TV series along with the auto-fill you derive from TheTVDB.com.


Other Best Video Apps for Windows coming to serve you best video watch is ALLPlayer. It is the most well-known app for watching videos. It has been widely used, too. If you have difficulty to open a movie file, ALLPlayer can help you by the feature of implemented LiveUpdate function to get the latest codecs. You can definitely download this app at free or no charge with the 100% safety.


All in all, Best Video Apps for Windows is always available for you to enjoy the best videos that you like most. Hopefully, these four ideas of video apps will inspire you to choose one of them and get to install soon.

7 Steps to Make Chrome Default Browser Android

Make Chrome Default Browser Android

Sometimes the smartphone default browser feels slow in uploading or downloading data. Or the user is not familiar with the appearance of the Android browser so internet browsing is not fun. There are the steps to make chrome default browser android phone easily.

How To Make Chrome Default Browser Android

  1. Click Settings Menu

The first step to making chrome default browser android phone is to access the settings menu. The settings button can be found on the Android menu. Users can also access this menu by swiping down to access the toolbar, and click the gear symbol in the upper right corner.

  1. Click The System App

In the settings menu, users will find a variety of options ranging from setting SIM cards, data, to storage. Select the system app menu, or if it is difficult to find this option simply search the system app in the search bar. The system app will display all applications installed automatically by Android.

  1. Click The Browser

Of the many application options in the app system, choose a browser. Then the user will find several things. For example, general browser settings, buttons, privacy and so on. If it is difficult to find the application some android brands provide a search bar in the settings menu. Users can search for browser applications by typing the word “browser” in the search field.

  1. Switch Off The “Set As Default Browser” Button

The fourth step for make chrome default browser android is to turn off the default browser button. In the set as default browser section, click Deactivate. Or find the on and off buttons operated by sliding, then slide the switch to the off position. By turning off this button, Android will ready to set a new setting for the Android phone’s default browser.

  1. Click Clear Default

The next step for make chrome default browser android is to click clear default. Clear default will restore settings so the browser is no longer the main choice when the user wants to access a webpage from a clicked link. So, everytime user clicked a webpage link or website address Android will ask which browser that user wants to choose.

  1. Open a Link

Next, try opening the website page by pressing the website link. For example, type www.facebook.com in notes, then click. Or simply click a link that has been sent to the user by chat before. When the link clicked the User will be directed to the page, but follow the next step before the user access the website.

  1. Choose Chrome

When directing users to a page that is clicked on, Android will give the user a choice. Click on the “remember my choice” or “set as default browser”, then select chrome. This is the last step to make chrome default browser android for all phone type. The user can follow those steps and adjusted all default browser before to a new default browser by following these steps.

By following the seven easy steps above, the user has to make chrome default browser android for their phone. After this process is done, users who will access the internet through the shared link will be automatically connected via chrome.

Top Recommended Radio Apps for Android

Radio Apps for Android

It is true that only a few people, today, that still listen to the radio by using FM/AM radios, especially when doing a work on Windows or Mac. The digital era has influenced a lot of aspects in life so that enjoying radio programs conventionally is no longer a favorite option for most of us. However, this fact does not mean that radio is left behind. Listening to music, comedy, radio talks, and many other radio programs are still fun; only in a different way. Yes, you can download radio streaming apps for Android and listen to your favorite programs through your android smartphones. There many apps that you can try and we have some to recommend below.

4 Best Radio Apps for Android

Tuneln Radio

Our first recommendation on the list is TuneIn Radio. This app allows you to access over 100,000 radio stations along with millions of programs to choose. For sure, we are not only talking about music because you can also enjoy other programs including news, sports, comedy, radio talks, and a lot more. You can install either free or premium version of the app. For the premium one, you can even get the live streaming of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL. This version is also ad-free. Just check out the app to get more info about the features.


iHeartRadio is one of the popular radio streaming apps for android amongst Android users. You can stream thousands of radio stations by using this one. The interesting fact about this app is that you can save and replay songs. Furthermore, in case you do not like a radio station or two, you can simply discard the radio station(s). Further, you can look for the playlists based on your current mood, expected genres, and more. This app is free to download. The free version contains ads. However, you can also try the monthly subscriptions to remove the ads as well as to enjoy more features.


AccuRadio may not be as popular as the previously listed apps. However, this is also a great radio streaming application with over 1000 free channels which are customizable. To enjoy the app, you need to sign up first. When done, you can simply select from various genres of music like pop, rock, reggae, jazz, country, etc with more than 50 selections. Each channel is customizable and you can also block singers or musicians that you dislike.

Radio Online

Many say that this app is more traditional. However, this is still a great option especially for you who often experience slow internet speed. This is also a user-friendly radio streaming app that allows you to listen to programs of both internet-hosted and FM radio stations that support online streaming. For sure, there are two options that you can download: the free and paid versions. For the paid one, you can have additional features that you will love.

Those are some of the recommended radio streaming apps for android that you can try. Many apps are also available with different features. Besides, there are also some apps that only cover certain locations regarding the radio station services. Therefore, downloading the one that matches your current situation is surely essential. Have fun.