5 Best Dictionary Apps for Android and iOS

If you are learning languages, dictionary becomes a must-have app on your device. This tool comes in handy to help you learn more vocabularies without the need of bringing a bulky dictionary book. Luckily, there is a wide range of dictionary apps you can choose, from picture dictionary to ones with thesaurus.

Do you need help to find the best one? You’ve come to the right page. You are about to find 5 most recommended dictionary apps that work well on Android and iOS.

5 Best Dictionary Apps for Android and iOS

Whether you are learners or teachers, having a handy dictionary can make your language learning easier. These dictionary apps are the best choices you could ask for, so check this out!

1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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This is an app every non-native English speaker must have. Merriam-Webster is known as a powerful and versatile dictionary as it comes packed with a number of features like voice search, example sentences, and audio pronunciations. It also has thesaurus, synonyms, and antonyms.

To help improve your vocabularies, this dictionary app offers word of the day features. Of course, it lets you learn new vocabularies every day. You can also enjoy vocabulary-boosting quizzes that makes language learning more fun and challenging. Luckily, this excellent app is completely free.

2. Longman Dictionary

Longman Dictionary

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If you want to upgrade your level in English learning, Longman dictionary can be a good bet. This is a pair of collocations and thesaurus dictionaries, allowing you to choose collocation and correct words anytime. As mentioned on Androidally.com, this app is suitable for teachers and learners.

The Longman Dictionary is available for Android and iOS. Unluckily, the developer doesn’t offer a free version so that you need to spend a dime before enjoying the features. If you are interested, choose the 6th edition that offers complete online vocabulary.

3. Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary

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Every learner of English language knows the Oxford dictionary very well. Thankfully, the dictionary app is now available for mobile devices. This app is as amazing as the printed version since it comes with the most comprehensive English vocabularies, even to the latest ones.

Not only does it provide you with millions of words, but it also has phrases and meanings. If you need to understand the basic meaning of each word, this dictionary app has everything you need to comprehend English language. Oxford dictionary is available for Android and iOS for free.

4. Advanced English

Advanced English

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This is a unique combination of dictionary and thesaurus. The decent app has more than 1.4 million words that let you learn more and more vocabularies every day. It also includes antonyms and synonyms so that you can find the right words with different variations.

One of the best things about the Advanced English dictionary is that it can work offline. Not to mention it features a tool that defines every word you copy from other apps. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful dictionary app, this is surely for you.

5. Dictionary.com


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Dictionary.com is a decent offline dictionary that will help you learn English. This popular app has more than 2 million words, meanings, synonyms, and antonyms to boost your knowledge. It comes with a simple interface so that you don’t need to spend time learning how to use it.

For a better user experience, Dictionary.com is equipped with audio pronunciation. With this, you know how to pronounce every word the way native speakers do. The simple app also features Word of the Day, Quiz, and in-app purchases like slang dictionary and science dictionary.

Dictionary apps are undoubtedly powerful to help boost your English knowledge. Among the many choices out there, the five apps above are the most recommended options you can count on. Which one is your favorite dictionary?