6 Facts About Taskhostw.exe


Taskhostw.exe may be a problem with the computer. This file is one of trojan horse virus or malware. Here are 5 facts about taskhostw which harm the computer and need to fix soon.

What is Taskhostw.exe

  1. It Comes From A Downloaded File

This file usually comes from a downloaded file, video, or software from the internet. There is much free software on the internet that used by it uploader as a carrier.

When the file carrying taskhostw comes in the virus will harm the computer soon. Be sure to download the file from a trusted website.

When downloading files never skip the virus scan. Many antiviruses for internet always scan all file which wants to download by the user. Skipping this step may give a chance, to the trojan virus to come inside the computer.

  1. This Viruses Sometime Ask For Permission

Of course, it’s not polite permission like “excuse me can I affect your computer?”. The permission is like a checklist that will lead the user to permit the virus to do some weird things.

So be careful and read well before giving a checklist when installing new software. Many users usually just accept the checklist before reading the statement and understand the risk.

  1. CPU Working So Hard

CPU Working So Hard

This fact can happen after the user turns on their computer. At first, this device will have a longer boot time. Startup process will look harder than before. But in this stage user usually, don’t realize this.

The user may find that the CPU works harder and can see it from the task manager. Open task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del from the keyboard. There, the user will see CPU usage and all process that happens in the CPU.

  1. CPU Not Work As Normal While Computer In Use

The normal computer will process everything fast. But an infected one by taskhostw.exe cannot do that. Once it infected, the CPU will be broken slowly.

After being slow, some programs may not work normally. taskhostw.exe affect some programs too. It can make the program often not responding or can not access at all.

  1. Resizing Windows Will Be So Slow

The virus can get worse. It can make the windows of some program cant maximize or minimize quickly. Is it disturbing? Yes of course.

It really difficult when the user needs to do some multitasking job. Each window has to easy max and min but because of this virus, the window cannot respond well.

  1. Programs Can’t Launch Quickly

The next facts are worse than previous things. This taskhostw.exe can make the program launch quickly. It will consume more time to respond and process the program.

Imagine if the user needs to make something quick. Like writing some fresh idea. But it will be hung up by the booting time of word program. This is really annoying.

Before taskhostw.exe infect the computer, be careful if want to download any file from the internet. Do the scanning procedure from antivirus and recheck all permission asked by software. But if the taskhostw already harm the computer, find the best solutions to expert. Bring the computer to the service center so they can fix the problem. Make sure to backup all important file or folders too.