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Best Apps for Landscape Photography


Landscape photography can be said to be one of the most complicated genres. Moreover, this genre requires the perpetrators to go out into the open in the midst of natural conditions that often change, both from weather problems to the position of the sun that determines the lighting of a location. In anticipation of this, you can do careful and detailed planning. This planning can also be made easily. At least you can do it with an only smartphone camera and certain applications. There are five applications that we recommend to be installed on smartphones as a tool for this. FileHippo has many recommendations for landscape photography apps.

Tips to Get a Perfect Landscape Photo

Before you know the apps that are very useful to get a perfect landscape shot, below are our tips to do a landscape photography.

  1. Use water as a reflection

If you take a picture at a location that contains water elements, such as a river or sea, then look for the angle where you can use it as a mirror. Reflection from water can add to the beauty of your scenery. This technique also helps you get a symmetrical photo and is nice to see.

  1. Change your point of view

You often fixated only on one point of view when at the shooting location. Maybe you decided to mount your tripod somewhere just because it was close to the object being targeted or because everyone was shooting from it. Try to experiment and explore other points of view. Try to walk a few hundred meters from the shooting location and try from a variety of shooting angles before you set up your tripod.

  1. Catch the sunset

Sunset has deep and romantic meaning. If you add it to a photo of your landscape, then surely your photo will be much memorable to the ones who see it. The great thing about sunset is that the sun will decorate your landscape with its warm yellow light. So, you will definitely create a photo filled with interesting colors and nuances. Sunlight is also softer during this “Golden Hour” and will make it easier to get the right exposure in the whole scene.

Best Photography Apps for Landscape Shot

To make you achieve a perfect shot, FileHippo will recommend some of the best photography apps for landscape shots. The apps are free to download. This will make your photography skill getting better.

  1. Weather & Radar

The application of weather forecasting is needed to find out if the shooting location is likely to rain, wind, brightness, duration, what temperature and what warnings are there. Well, one of the applications that will help find out this information is Weather & Radar. In this app, you will find sufficient accurate information about these conditions today, hourly, or forecasts for the next 8 days. This can help you prepare the equipment needed, as well as the light conditions there. For example when determining the type of camera body and the lens that must be carried, predicting a soft dusk light due to filtering clouds, or when looking for conditions when the location is bright without clouds at all. It would be such a waste if you already prepare the equipment but the weather ruins your plan.

  1. Photo Pills

This application is arguably the most complete to meet the needs of landscape photography planning. The information presented is complete, for example about the position of the sun and moon at certain times and the augmented reality (AR) feature to see the position of celestial objects. In addition, Photo Pills can also help calculate exposure, depth of field and take into account the parameters needed to make a time-lapse photo. All plans that you have made in Photo Pills can be stored or shared with others. Plus, this application is available both for Android and iOS. However, you need to buy this app. If you want to get it for free, you can check on FileHippo.

  1. Light Pollution Maps

This application displays maps of areas which are still dark without being affected by urban light pollution and which areas are already filled with light pollution. Indeed, not every landscape photo requires information about light pollution. But this application will be useful especially if you want to observe celestial bodies, stare at constellations, or take pictures of the Milky Way and stars. Because the activity can only be done if the sky is really dark. This application is available for free on Android or iOS. But with a note, the free edition has ads, has lower accuracy, and cannot store certain locations.

  1. Cascable

The next landscape photography app is Cascable.  This application allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote camera that why FileHippo Download recommends this app. You can pair it with any camera, provided that the camera has a Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, Cascable will provide the ability to move photos, view photos on a larger screen, control the shutter, and various other features. This application has better performance than the default remote vendor application.

  1. NiSi ND Calculator

This application is designed to help you determine exposure before taking a photo. You can enter the shutter speed value that you want to use to take pictures, then enter the ND type filter that will be attached to the lens muzzle. Then the calculation of the time needed to get the appropriate exposure will appear if you take a photo when the ND filter is installed.

5 Best Dictionary Apps for Android and iOS

If you are learning languages, dictionary becomes a must-have app on your device. This tool comes in handy to help you learn more vocabularies without the need of bringing a bulky dictionary book. Luckily, there is a wide range of dictionary apps you can choose, from picture dictionary to ones with thesaurus.

Do you need help to find the best one? You’ve come to the right page. You are about to find 5 most recommended dictionary apps that work well on Android and iOS.

5 Best Dictionary Apps for Android and iOS

Whether you are learners or teachers, having a handy dictionary can make your language learning easier. These dictionary apps are the best choices you could ask for, so check this out!

1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This is an app every non-native English speaker must have. Merriam-Webster is known as a powerful and versatile dictionary as it comes packed with a number of features like voice search, example sentences, and audio pronunciations. It also has thesaurus, synonyms, and antonyms.

To help improve your vocabularies, this dictionary app offers word of the day features. Of course, it lets you learn new vocabularies every day. You can also enjoy vocabulary-boosting quizzes that makes language learning more fun and challenging. Luckily, this excellent app is completely free.

2. Longman Dictionary

Longman Dictionary

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

If you want to upgrade your level in English learning, Longman dictionary can be a good bet. This is a pair of collocations and thesaurus dictionaries, allowing you to choose collocation and correct words anytime. As mentioned on, this app is suitable for teachers and learners.

The Longman Dictionary is available for Android and iOS. Unluckily, the developer doesn’t offer a free version so that you need to spend a dime before enjoying the features. If you are interested, choose the 6th edition that offers complete online vocabulary.

3. Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Every learner of English language knows the Oxford dictionary very well. Thankfully, the dictionary app is now available for mobile devices. This app is as amazing as the printed version since it comes with the most comprehensive English vocabularies, even to the latest ones.

Not only does it provide you with millions of words, but it also has phrases and meanings. If you need to understand the basic meaning of each word, this dictionary app has everything you need to comprehend English language. Oxford dictionary is available for Android and iOS for free.

4. Advanced English

Advanced English

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This is a unique combination of dictionary and thesaurus. The decent app has more than 1.4 million words that let you learn more and more vocabularies every day. It also includes antonyms and synonyms so that you can find the right words with different variations.

One of the best things about the Advanced English dictionary is that it can work offline. Not to mention it features a tool that defines every word you copy from other apps. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful dictionary app, this is surely for you.


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store is a decent offline dictionary that will help you learn English. This popular app has more than 2 million words, meanings, synonyms, and antonyms to boost your knowledge. It comes with a simple interface so that you don’t need to spend time learning how to use it.

For a better user experience, is equipped with audio pronunciation. With this, you know how to pronounce every word the way native speakers do. The simple app also features Word of the Day, Quiz, and in-app purchases like slang dictionary and science dictionary.

Dictionary apps are undoubtedly powerful to help boost your English knowledge. Among the many choices out there, the five apps above are the most recommended options you can count on. Which one is your favorite dictionary?

5 Best Apps for Counting Calories for Android and iOS

Tracking calories on food could be very important for those who want to achieve a healthier life or want to lose weight. Counting calorie intake could help to prevent the user from consuming excessive amounts of calories that can be bad for health. So, these are the list of best apps for counting calories.

1. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular apps for losing weight and counting calories. Not only it gives a precise amount of calorie intake, but it also tracks nutrition and sugar intake as well.

It informs the user of the number of calories that they consume daily. Each day is presented as a pie chart, showing the user breakdown of protein, carbs, and fat.

MyFitnessPal could also sync with other health apps such as Google Fit. This app offers a free version. But, some of its features can only be accessed in the premium version that costs $49.99 per year.

Download for Android, Download for iOS

2. Lose It!

Lose It!

Lose it is a calorie counting app that also offers many losing weight programs. This app provides a recommendation for calorie intake based on user weight, height, age, and goals.

This app is also accessible on the web version via the user’s laptop or PC. You can visit Drivers and Software for those who want free desktop software.

Lose It! has a food database with popular restaurants, grocery stores, and brand-name foods that you can see by scanning the barcode packages or just looking it up.

Download for Android, Download for iOS

3. SparkPeople


SparkPeople is one of the best apps for counting calories. It tracks the nutrition, activities, goals, and progress of the user.

SparkPeople is not just a basic calorie counting app, it’s a whole community. In those communities, users can share a healthy recipe, programs, exercise, and tips to lose weight.

It has the most complete food database online that users can access freely. But users could also get other greater features by upgrading their account to premium.

Download for Android, Download for iOS

4. Fitbit


Fitbit is an app that lets the user take their food tracking to the next level. Users can input foods either manually or with their barcode scanner to track the nutrition and calories that are contained in it.

The app also gives its user detailed data on their heart rates, sleep quality, and more that also important for those who want to achieve a healthy life. Not only accessible by smartphone, but it also provided the user a device to give detailed information.

The app is free on iOS and Android. But if the user wants a better experience with this app, they can unlock the premium feature.

Download for Android, Download for iOS

5. Nutritionix Track

Nutritionix Track

Nutritionix Track gives its user straightforward information on calorie tracking. It can track not only packaged food, but it also tracks nutrition, calorie, and fat from restaurant food.

With the premium feature that costs $5.99 per month, users can share their food log with their nutritionist or doctor. It’s also a terrific resource for health professionals.

Download for Windows, Download for iOS

Those are the list of the best apps for counting calories. Hope that list could help those who want to achieve a healthier life or want to lose weight.

Utechsmart Venus Review – A Better Mouse?

Utechsmart Venus

Among the many reviews you have to read to get yourself a reliable mouse, you should consider reading Utechsmart Venus review too. If you are looking for a solid and reliable MMO wired mouse having 12-buttons layout located on the left side, then you have found the right device. The mouse is pretty handy for gaming. It is claimed to have mixed functionalities, so it works quite well for multimedia or office work. However, it isn’t so much for travel – highly likely because of the wired setting. But for gaming, including FPS and MMO gaming, it is impressive.

About the Mouse

MMO or MMOG is short for Massively Multiplayer Online Game, a game having a big number of players within the same servers. The numbers can reach hundreds altogether. And when you are playing the MMO game, you want to have the right gaming accessories to help with your performance and skills.

Based on Utechsmart Venus review, this is a gaming mouse dedicated to MMO settings. The fact that it comes with many programmable buttons is one thing to like about this device. If you aren’t a gamer, you probably won’t realize the importance of having the right device. But rest assured that you can enjoy the best benefits from this one.

Utechsmart Venus Design

Utechsmart Venus Design

The mouse has a short body with slightly big construction – along with buttons for MMO games on the side and RGB lighting. If you are familiar with Redragon M908, then you get the idea, but this one doesn’t come with pinky and thumb rests. With 2.5g in weight, you have to admit that this is one heavy device, so don’t expect it to be lightweight – just like other competitors.

The mouse is designed with ergonomic slant – responsible for the comfortable feel when used for a long time. However, this one is designed for people with big hands. Those with smaller hands may have to struggle to reach all of the buttons comfortably. This is the reason why the mouse would be perfect for those with big or medium hands – or even those with claw grip. The CPI is the most consistent one and the click latency feature is pretty high. Thanks to this feature, the sensor performance is pretty high. When it comes to response and performance, you don’t have to worry about this mouse. But don’t expect it to be 100% perfect.

Portability and Build Quality

Build Quality

With the overall dimension of 12.1 x 4.3 x 8.2 cm, this mouse is pretty big and bulky. And it doesn’t have any receiver or cable storage either. It is designed as a gaming mouse that should be left at home – not carried around. The quality of the build is impressive – it doesn’t have any wobble or flex flaws. However, the buttons on the side aren’t as solid as other parts. They are somewhat mushy although not so much. And the mouse has a gritty and rough texture that may not be liked by all users.

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether this mouse is for you or not. Simply read Utechsmart Venus review so you really understand the good and the bad.

4 Best Mini PCs – Adorable and Yet Powerful

Nowadays, people are more interested in knowing the list of the best mini PCs because it gives them a higher sense of efficiency and performance. Not only laptops are getting lighter, smaller, and thinner, but so do the PCs. Forget the big and huge tower on your desk. Now, with the mini PC, you can enjoy tons of perks and usability.

The mini PCs are generally cheaper (when compared to the full size one), and they have similar great features. Feel free to use the mini device for your secondary device or even as your main dedicated computer. You can even choose the one without any OS, memory, storage, or CPU so you can choose whatever hardware that suits your needs.

Dell Alienware Alpha

Dell Alienware Alpha

The device looks like a portable disk drive or the external hard drive – not even bigger than a box of choco or biscuit. But don’t underestimate its power when it comes to tackling your favorite games. With a combination of 1TB of hard drive, 4GB of GDDR5 graphic memory, GeForce GTX960 Nvidia GPU, 8GB memory, and i7 Intel Core 6700T, no wonder if this device has a superb quality. It also comes packing with Bluetooth 4.0, Ethernet port, WiFi dual-band, various ports on the back and the front, and HDMI in and out. Although some users claim that these features aren’t new, the device is still promising and it is able to deliver satisfying performance.

HP Elite Slice

HP Elite Slice

If you need a reliable device to tackle all of your professional needs, then this one is included in the lists of the best mini PC ever designed. This one is created to compete against MacMini (from Apple) and VivoMini (from Asus), so it has all the great combination of sleek design and powerful performance. On the outside, it styles out a shiny and dark copper accent, while the inside is packed with Intel Core i5 or i7 along with 8GB up to 32GB RAM and 256GB up to 1TB HDD. It even comes with a fingerprint sensor, although it is optional. This is a stackable modular system that enables you to add upgrades and also optional modules – and you don’t even have to open the box up.

MSI Cubi 3 Silent

MSI Cubi 3 Silent

This is designed for enthusiast PCs with its barebone PC. It means that you are given the option and the freedom to tweak and adjust the PC just the way you like it. It doesn’t have any storage or memory, with heat-free aluminum casing. This is a device that supports dual display mechanism, where you can connect one through the DisplayPort and the other through HDMI system. Does it support Ultra 4K HD resolution? Yes, you can be sure that you will enjoy such a perk.

Lenovo M710q ThinkCentre Tiny

Lenovo M710q ThinkCentre Tiny 

If you are thinking about upgrading your professional performance, this one would be right up your alley. Despite the small and compact design and with weight less than 3 pounds, this one is pretty powerful. You will love the fact that it has impeccable performance, many ports, and also compact design. However, be advised that it only offers integrated graphics. So, there are still limitations to it.

Of course, there are still plenty more options for the best mini PC that would be great for your needs. Feel free to visit Best AREight to learn more about the other promising and best devices for both your professional and entertainment requirements.

6 Best Home Theater Speakers

Watching a movie at home but with the cinema’s atmosphere is an interesting experience. It will be greater if you can present it every day by installing a home theater speaker to support your monitor. And so that you don’t mischoose, these are 6 best home theater speakers as the recommendations.

1. Polytron Home Theater PHT 925L

Polytron Home Theater PHT 925L

When buying Polytron Home Theater PHT 925L, in the packaging you will find a set of home theater. It consists of 4 speaker towers with tallboy design and 1 subwoofer. Besides, you will also get the guide book and warranty book.

There are 10 presets equalizer systems, some of them are rock, pop, classic, and jazz. It supports digital FM, HDMI output, and USB. You can also input 2 mics in it.

2. JBL Cinema 610

JBL Cinema 610

Bring the atmosphere like in a cinema with JBL Cinema 610. It has 1 center speaker that is supported by 5 satellite speakers, that make the performance good. 

The dimensions are small enough to put on furniture. You can also install it on the wall. Besides, there are some other features of this home theater. And you can read more reviews on Sylvia Juncosa.

3. Harman Kardon AVR 171 HKTS 11 BQ

Harman Kardon AVR 171 HKTS 11 BQ

This home theater is equipped with 5 speakers and audio 7.2 ch. The sound produced is clear and noise-free. This product is the right choice to watch a movie at home without any noise from outside.

Harman Kardon AVR 171 HKTS 11 BQ supports DLNA 1.5 technology, Bluetooth, and also Apple AirPlay. Therefore, you can say that this Harman Kardon is one of the best home theater speakers. 

4. Yamaha YHT 1840 5.1 Package

This one is a ready surround package. In the package, you will find a front speaker, a center speaker, a surround speaker, and a subwoofer. Those speakers certainly have different characteristics.

Yamaha YHT 1840 5.1 Package has many audio and video features. It has adaptive DRC, volume setting, audio delay, also 4K Ultra HD pass-through. Besides, this home theater also supports HDMI for the connectivity.

5. Samsung HT-J5100K

Samsung HT-J5100K

With Crystal Amp Pro technology, Samsung HT-J5100K can produce magnificent sound. The sound quality can also be increased by multivariable feedback. Not only that, but you can also easily set the audio from the TV monitor directly.

With satellite type, this home theater has a full-range speaker in the front, center, and surround. It also has other special features. They are USB Recording, CD Ripping, FM Recording, and TV Sound On.

6. Bigband Polytron BB 5501

Bigband Polytron BB 5501

One more from Polytron. This home theater is also a great choice for family multimedia. It supports broad media formats. Not only playing your MP3 from the USB port. But you can also reminisce by playing your old collections of DVD or cassette tape.

Bigband Polytron BB 5501 provides a mic port for you who love karaoke. Mic level and digital echo indicator features will enhance the excitement in singing together. But of course, the surround sound technology plays its main role.

Those are 6 recommendations of the best home theater speakers that are worth installing at home. Each has both the characteristics and plus-minus. Consider what you need, then choose the home theater you like the most.

What Is Bluestacks And Why Many People Like It

What Is Bluestacks

Technology keeps on developing from time to time, making anything possible. In the old days, most people used computers/laptops to work. However, as time passed, mobile phones became advanced, having the capability of a computer. Therefore, many people started to use mobile phones rather than their computers/ laptops at home. Nowadays, people are coming back to computers because they can access their mobile phone system using Bluestacks. So, many of you must be asking what is Bluestacks App Player and why is it so popular these days?

Bluestacks is a company in the US that created the Bluestacks App Player that can be installed on a computer. With this app, people can download and run almost all the Android apps that you have on your mobile phone. The app will also synchronize to your Google Account after you log in. However, to learn more about what is Bluestacks App Player and the benefits of it, read down:

What Is Bluestacks

1. Run Android Apps on PC

As informed before, users can run almost any kind of app using the computer. And this is one of the reasons why people love the app so much. With this app, users can play games they usually play on their phones. They can also get a better picture of the game and easily play it with the PC.

2. App to Transfer Data

To access the Android System, people must first log in to their Google Account in the Bluestacks App Player. Once you have logged in, the account will synchronize with the app, therefore you can start accessing it. Therefore, this app is very helpful for those who need to transfer data without a cable.

3. App Available in Windows & Mac

Windows & Mac

What is Bluestacks App Player and how functional is it? Well, whether your computer is using Windows or IOS, they can all use the Bluestacks App Player. Since a few years ago, Bluestack released a version for IOS, therefore people using Mac can also use it. So, even if you are using a Mac, you can open your Android system with the laptop/ computer.

4. Safe & Free to Use

One of the benefits of the apps is it is easy to use and best of all it is free. For those who want to download the app just needs to type in the search bow and download it. Many links offer the app, so you want to find any difficulty in looking for the app. And don’t worry the app is safe to use as long as people don’t know your Google account. So, don’t keep asking is Bluestacks safe to others, because yes it is safe.

5. What is New in the App

After knowing the use of the app, many people have been installing it on their computers. People can also update their app with the most updated version to enjoy the features. The newest Bluestack is the Bluestack version 4 where it is better in many ways.

So, after knowing what is Bluestacks App Player and the function, no wonder many people love the app. With the app, people can use their Android system on their mobile phone or on their computer. Now, feel the new features of Bluestack by downloading the newest version 4 online.

How To Share Your Screen In Slack

How To Share Your Screen In Slack

One of the developments that can help people with their jobs especially for those in a company is slack. This is a software where people can communicate with one another using chats or emails. However, this is more multifunction software because people can call, chat, and email with one app.  You can also share the screen with other people as well. Although this feature is only available in the premium version, you should know how to share your screen in Slack.

Yet still, Slack is a perfect software for people working in a company because they can even use it for a meeting. In this meeting, people can share their screen with other people and even give control. However, you must subscribe to the premium or paid version first. When you have it, learn these steps on how to share your screen in Slack:

1. Choose a User

Before starting a call, there must be a user that will be responsible for inviting people. Thus, they will share the screen later in the call. Therefore, first, choose a PIC that will have the responsibility in doing this task. In short, this person is going to be the moderator.

2. Start a Call

The first step that you must do when you want to share a screen starts a call. Choose a contact that you want to discuss with and press the call symbol. This will make it normal for you and your friends. You can make a group call with slack, so invite the people that you will need. This call can be a video call or just a normal call with just the voice.

3. Share Screen

How To Share Your Screen In Slack

When everyone has gathered, you can press the screen symbol on your screen. This will then show the entire screen of your laptop. Even the cursor is available and seen by other people. One of the benefits of this app is that people can share more than one monitor. But if it is multiple monitors, users will have to choose which screen they prioritize. The steps on how to share your screen in slack are as easy as that.

4. All notifications will be Off

During this moment, all your notifications will automatically be turned off. This is to help people focus on the sharing and doesn’t get disturbed with the incoming notifications. Your video call will also be disabled because you are using your screen with other people.

5. End the Call

If you have finished the sharing session and you want to end the whole thing click the red phone. However, if you want to keep calling but end the sharing session then click the symbol screen again. This will bring back the screen to yourself and other people will not see it again.

How to share your screen in slack is very easy and useful for people in an organization. Without having to gather in the same place people can share what they need and share their screen. However, to use this feature make sure that you have the paid version of slack.

Things To Noticed About Eggs While Buy It


Eggs are easy to buy anywhere. It also cheap so all people want to eat it. How long do eggs last is also one of the reasons why this food is so popular. But if you are new to groceries things, pay attention to this fact while buying eggs and some smart action if there is an accident while carrying it home.

Pay Attention At This thing While Buy It

When you arrive at the shop, you can see the eggs is placed inside or outside the refrigerator. Inside a box or just lay on a rack. Then there are some things you must notice while choosing the best eggs.

  • The Color And Shape

The chicken egg has a brown or white color. It depends on the kind of chicken. Breed chicken usually lay brown eggs.

Look closely to the shape of the egg. Don’t buy a cracked egg because it will affect how long do eggs last.

  • Expired Or Lay Date

If it sells in a box, then there will be an expired date written there. Pay attention at it, and choose the longest expired date.

For example, when you buy it on 2 March, and some boxes expired on 4 April and 31 March, choose the box which is expired on 4 April. It means that those eggs are newer than the other one.

  • Smell

The third things you can do is smelling the eggs. The fresh egg doesn’t smell anything. But the rotted one has a stinky smell.

What To Do When Having Cracked Eggs Accidentally

Cracked Eggs

While carrying at home or when you are placing it into another place, there may be an accident that makes the egg cracked. Don’t worry and do this smart step to make them last longer.

  • Cook And Eat It

Let the cracked egg for a long time will make them not fresh. If it is just an egg which is cracked, simply cook and eat it immediately.

  • Separate The Yolks And Whites

But if there is more than one or maybe all eggs are crack by accident, you can save it by separating the yolks. Put yolks and whites in a different place.

Make sure that the place is tight. Then, put them in low temperature. How long do eggs last is vary. If it in the fridge shelf it can save up to a month. But if it is frozen, it can save for a year.

  • Beat The Eggs And Save

The next thing you can do is beat them. Crack all the cracked eggs into a bowl, and beat all of them. How long do eggs last after the beaten is more than 2 days.

You don’t need to cook it immediately, because the refrigerator can store them for you. It will make you easier to do the scrambled egg or omelet.

When you wake up late, simply take it and directly pour it in a hot pan. Or use it as a mix for other food ingredients.

It’s not hard to choose a good quality egg. Make sure all eggs you buy meet the best requirement from the shape, color, and smell before taking them home.

Then if something bad happens, those smart things very easy to do. Who knows that you will get home safely or must face any obstacle at the road. A little shake will make the egg crack, especially if it is not in an egg box.

HP DeskJet 2622 Review and Why You Should Buy It!

Nowadays, printing is one of the most important activities. Every part of life needs printing, including home. However, most printers made by companies seem unfit for home use. Whether it’s because of the shapes or the capabilities. Is there a printer that fulfills home needs perfectly, then? Lucky for you, there it is. The name is HP DeskJet 2622. Let’s take a slight look at the features.

Why You Should Buy HP DeskJet 2622 Printer

Strong Wi-Fi Signal

This is the most often quality mentioned in reviews. HP DeskJet 2622 is a printer that will accept your printing commands wherever you are inside the home. It already has Wi-Fi to make you could print without using any cable. Just put on your hotspot and connect it to the printer. You could directly print the file on your smartphone after it.

All-In-One Printer

Why buy both printer and scanner if you can get it on one machine? Yes, HP DeskJet 2622 isn’t only a printer but also a scanner. This feature will really help when you need to send a soft file document. You just need to put your document on top of the printer (above the printing tray) and wait until the scanning finish.

Compact Yet Beautiful Design

As far as I know, HP DeskJet 2622 is the most compact printer ever produced by HP. It has very simple size, with just 16.74”11.97”5.87” measured. So you can put it everywhere! You don’t need to prepare a particular space for this. Put in on the table when you use it will be enough.

Aside with the size, HP doesn’t let it be just fascinatingly useful. It’s also awesome when it comes to physical design. It has several color options, like pure-black, pure-white, or white-and-blue color.

Wide Range Printing Per Month

With this tiny size, is it possible to push HP DeskJet 2622 to its limit? Yes, absolutely, why do you need to question this? This printer has a very wide range of printing. More than other little printer does, HP DeskJet 2622 could print until 1000 pages per month. Such an outstanding quality, huh?

Optimum Print Capability

What makes this printer very good for schoolwork? According to the reviews, it has many qualities that suit students’ needs. One of them is the optimum print capability. If your paper deadline approaches, using DeskJet 2622 will spare you time. Since it could print pages just by minutes (7.5 white-and-black printing and 5.5 color printing).

Stable Temperature

Rather than other released alongside this version, HP DeskJet 2622 has a more stable temperature. The range is from 5 to 40 degrees. When you want to print out something, using 5 degrees are enough if you use this printer.

Very Affordable (Yes, Why Not?)

The most important thing I like from HP DeskJet 2622 is the price. If you want to buy a printer but don’t have sufficient money, you can just try for HP DeskJet 2622. To tell you the truth, the price is highly affordable, even for the student’s standard. To have this awesome printer-and-scanner machine, you just need to pay for at least 12 dollars!

It is all about HP LaserJet 2622 and the features. However, you just need to save a dollar per month to have this. Are you ready?

Make Your Unique Instagram Captions With This Ideas

People want to have more follower in their Instagram account. Some of them using a great picture, then other people choose to make a unique caption to attract more follower. Here are 5 ideas that can use to be an Instagram caption.

How To Make Unique Instagram Captions

  1. Wise Or Unique Quote from Disney

Disney has a lot of movies. Almost all people love Disney. There also much quotes or funny words from the film.

You can use one of the best quotes from Disney film to be a picture’s caption. For example, if you want to post a magical picture or an awesome achievement you can use this captions. “Powered By Pixiedust”.

It means that what’s in the photo is really magical and unbelievable. So the fairy helps you by the pixie dust.

  1. Clever Captions

Being clever is not only good for the school. Instagram captions will elevate the post quality if the owner can make a clever caption.

This kind of caption using smart words with good rhyme. For example, “raindrop at the top, and I just eating nonstop”. This caption is suitable to describe a picture with beautiful food at a cafe or even above the bed at midnight.

  1. Savage Captions

Savage Captions

Being upset or hate something is normal for people. Everybody may feel angry or sad and want to tell their follower that they are not in a good mood.

Savage Instagram captions, will be the best way to express that feeling. This is an example of savage captions. ” you can treat me like a joke, and I’ll laugh cause you’re like a clown”

This sentence is like a light joke, but actually, the writer feels so upset. Maybe she just left her boyfriend because he was cheating behind her. Or something worse.

  1. Cute Captions

Cute captions purpose is just to look like a cute person. In the Instagram account, everybody can be someone different.

So many people especially woman wants to look cute. And men want to be cute to flirt that kind of cute woman. In addition, they also can use this captions to gain more follower.

Here is an example of cute captions to melt women’s heart. “You made my day, and all my tomorrow” or “you are all mine, and I’m not sharing”.

  1. Birthday Captions For Friend

Birthday Captions

Giving a birthday wishes to a best friend isn’t enough with just saying Happy Birthday. As your best friend, you need to make great birthday wishes through unique captions.

Post a photo which has you and your best friend there, and gives a great caption. For example “17 years ago today, a Princess was born”. Sounds great right?

Or if you can caption like this, “happy birthday may you never find a better friend than me”. Make unique captions to make you look cool and different from other people’s birthday wishes.

Before making great captions from those ideas, make sure to choose a good photo. Then think what actually you want to say through the Instagram captions. Adjust your photo with an idea, then make your own unique captions easily.